Health Coaching

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For over two decades I have been into the science of health: both the accepted mainstream and the cutting-edge controversial, and been a practitioner of its key findings. I am fascinated by how modern health science gels with the ancient health wisdoms of the world, which it does so well.

I am not claiming to be an expert.  But I have spent thousands of hours reading, talking, watching and listening and learning about this deep and wide body of understanding and practice. I have applied what I’ve learned to my own lifestyle and enjoyed the benefits.  I can help you make simple, significant, positive changes to your life.

My coaching style is matter-of-fact and optimised for information. We will work efficiently together and aim for maximum benefit in minimum time.

It all starts with a single wellbeing tutorial costing just £30 (happy with concessions).

I will coach you, dynamically and individually, in key skills and smarts that can directly enhance your wellbeing, starting tomorrow. We can do this in person or in video chat.

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Testimonial (In person)

I had an extremely interesting and eye-opening tutorial with Mat. I really wanted to improve my energy levels and general mentality and thanks to Mat’s remarkable knowledge on wellbeing and his sheer passion for self-improvement I came away with a far better understanding of the foods I was eating and what areas to look at to help me reach my goals. Since then I have seen a vast improvement in my energy levels and efficiency that without Mat’s help just wouldn’t have happened. I really would recommend Mat’s wellbeing tutorial to anybody looking for a more positive body and mind.

Christopher H (2017)


Testimonial (In person)

I found Mat incredibly supportive, understanding and full of positive ideas. He looked at my health systematically, gave me tips and guidance, he was genuinely interested in helping me get better. He has a real passion for nutrition, mental well-being and general fitness. His exuberance has shown through throughout my treatment, which was 100% effective. I couldn’t recommend him more!

Sophie C (2018)