From 2019

Mat was a great help to our son in the build-up to his GCSEs. Always patient and focussed, he inspired deeper interest in the subjects he was taking and improved his ability to study in a structured manner. Our son looked forward to Mat’s visits and actively engaged with the learning. We would strongly recommend him as a tutor for general study skills and key humanity subjects. He also helped enrich his vocabulary for essay writing. An excellent choice for us.

Kathy N.


Mat has been a fantastic tutor for me: allowing me to achieve an 8 in Computer Science GCSE (done as an extra course as Mat’s advice) with only an hour of tutoring every fortnight. His unique and humorous teaching methods made me look forward to his visits and he challenged me sufficiently without swamping me with work. I would most certainly recommend him to any other student attempting to complete an extra Computer Science GCSE.

L. H.

From 2018

We feel extremely privileged to have found Mat, he has been teaching our 14 year old son Henry English for the past 2 years, the progress Henry has made in this time has been incredible.

Always keen to attend Mat’s lessons, Henry has been taught thinking skills, mind maps and other learning strategies which he is now able to apply in his other subjects at school.

Thank you Mat for all you have done for Henry and all you are continuing to do, we wish we had found you years ago!

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, you’re just great!!

Johnny & Anna, 2018, still being tutored.

From 2016:

In 2013 (aged 13) I took part in a number of one to one philosophy sessions with Mat. I feel that learning about the basic principles of philosophy really helped me to grasp how much it can benefit the mind and how relevant the power of philosophy can be to help people through day to day obstacles. The sessions left me pondering about how things that I believed to be so simple could be taken apart and scrutinised from so many different angles  and made me realise how much can be deduced and extrapolated from such simple questions and thoughts. I really enjoyed the whole learning experience and feel that it changed my outlook on life in a very beneficial way.

JH, 2016, currently studying at a Russel Group University.