I have been coding since I was eleven, as a passion and a profession. I love to code; to create from almost nothing. I love to teach youngsters this almost magic skill. I delight in working with amazing coders, new and experienced.  I love computers and I love to teach them.

My computing tutorials are suitable for new and experienced programmers.


Tutoring GCSE and A-Level Computing Students

These tutorials have evolved over a number of years and have had great results in schools and with individuals.

Not only will your child be able to learn to code, they will gain a game-changing ability to think in a systematic and computational way. I am confident this will improve their learning and understanding in other areas than Computing and ICT.



Mat’s teaching was my first exposure to Computing and I am now in an IT career, following my passion, because of it. Without his patience and guidance I would not have achieved an A in GCSE computing.

Joshua B

Tutoring Professional Programmers

If you are, or employ, a professional programmer then I am confident that you can really benefit from my computing tutorials. We will start from first principles and explore the philosophy of computing along flowing, structured paths of discussion and contemplation.

I am confident, satisfaction guaranteed, that you or your employees will emerge from the tutorials with deeper understanding, new tools, methods, principles, smarts and skills that will really benefit, both professionally and personally.


I had the privilege of working as a software developer under Mat Ripley during my first job after graduation. He was my guru who introduced me to commercial software application development. Mat thinks out-of-the-box, and is a visionary who came up with multitude of interesting and commercially successful novel software application ideas. He is a master of creating clean and most practical solutions to my software development needs. He also is gifted with phenomenal mentoring skills from which I have personally benefited immensely.

Dilan R


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