I have always considered myself as a philosopher. I studied it for eight years at university. I tutored philosophy for three years at UCL. I write about it and think about it often. I  find one of my life’s greatest pleasures is being the Socratic midwife and that this happens most when I am tutoring philosophy.


There are many academic and social reasons why you will benefiting your child if you give them a grounding in philosophy, perhaps the most compelling one is that they will thank you for it.

There is no set path for the philosophy tutorials. We will start from first principles and see where we go. Each tutorial is distinct and all are rewarding. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


In 2013 (aged 13) I took part in a number of one to one philosophy sessions with Mat. I feel that learning about the basic principles of philosophy really helped me to grasp how much it can benefit the mind and how relevant the power of philosophy can be to help people through day to day obstacles. The sessions left me pondering about how things that I believed to be so simple could be taken apart and scrutinised from so many different angles  and made me realise how much can be deduced and extrapolated from such simple questions and thoughts. I really enjoyed the whole learning experience and feel that it changed my outlook on life in a very beneficial way.

Jared H

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