Philosophy  and Computing Tutor

I have been a Philosophy Tutor for over two decades and still consider it my perfect role.

I have had other careers in this time:  a Company Director (,, a software developer (EG: Multi Award Winning: TomeRaider), Game Designer (MondoPondo), a philosophical counselor, a computer programmer (Photo5), a teacher and a businessman.

One of the greatest pleasures I find in life is cultivating, in others and myself,  those “Ahhh” moments through discussing philosophy and computing. I know how much philosophy can enrich one’s life and how much it can boost one’s learning, understanding and thinking.


If you are the parent of a teenager then one of the greatest gifts you can give them is a grounding in philosophy and the seeds of wisdom. These skills and understandings will give them an advantage in all of their education and an adaptability that they will be able to bring into their adulthood. 

I have been tutoring young adults in philosophy for two decades and know the value that these aspects of a classical, philosophical education will bring.

All of my tutorials are fun, intense and brain-straining, in a good way.

I mainly tutor in three areas:

 stoa 3conditional thinkingskills
 Philosophy  Computing  Thinking Skills

I am CRB checked and often work with children in schools and forest schools.

I am very happy to tutor adults in any of the above or for parents to be involved in the tutorials.

How to hire me