Thinking, Learning, Creating Skills

In these tutorials your teenager will learn the long established, but seldom directly taught, principles of reason, language and creativity.

  • They will learn new and old techniques for managing the information in their their lives and learning.
  • They will understand how language is structured and works in many benefiting ways.
  • They will be shown how to be more focussed, proactive and productive in their studies.
  • They will learn profoundly important principles of problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • They will be shown how to learn and focus their concentration.
    • This is an absolute key skill, and one that studies are showing is becoming harder and harder to master in this distracting modern world.
  • They will learn a diverse range of proven principles that have stood people in great stead for generations.


I am confident that equipped with these skills and principles your child will be more able to think, understand, solve, revise, explain, write and practice. It’s like a Power-Up that they can carry through their lives.

I am confident that if  your child is starting their GCSEs they will get higher grades if they have completed these tutorials.

I am especially interested in tutees who are not strong, for any reason,  in reading, writing or thinking in language.

I make some bold claims above, and these are all made Satisfaction Guaranteed🙂

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