Philosophical Counselling


In many ways, Philosophical Counselling is a new field of therapy and wellbeing assistance, pioneered in the 1980s and slowly gathering momentum as a high-impact and viable way to move forwards.

In a more traditional sense, Philosophical Counselling is an ancient methodology for problem-solving and life optimisation that has its roots in the deepest parts of world culture. It’s also a great way to see things clearly and make defined, structured changes to the way we live, think and practise.

Philosophical Counselling uses techniques that are found throughout the world’s philosophical and religious systems, as well as modern aspects such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and neuro-therapeutic techniques.

It is strictly against any dogma and is very compatible with religious, atheist and agnostic beliefs.


Our lives are short and uncertain. Most of what overpowers us comes from things external to us and the only things we have any true control over are those aspects internal to us. Aspects such as what we think, what we say, how we act and plan and wonder.

We all have tremendous capability to examine our own lives and make profound and positive changes. Philosophical Counselling is a new, yet ancient, approach making and understanding just what these changes could mean.


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